Can we request an instructor?

Yes! Requests can be made at the front desk or during the registration process.  Instructor requests are not guaranteed and are dependent on instructor availability.

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1. What swim level is my child on?
2. What does my child need to do to pass their swim level?
3. How do you join FAST?
4. Can we request an instructor?
5. What are private lessons and what are the benefits?
6. What happens after level 10?
7. What are partial passes? Do they transfer over sessions?
8. Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?
9. Is the pool strictly salt water or is there chlorine in it as well?
10. Are there any classes offered besides swim lessons?
11. Do you have scholarships available?
12. Do you offer a military discount?
13. What are the temperatures of the hot tub and pools?
14. How long is the lap pool?