What can I do to reduce my utility bill?

The City of Fife encourages its customers to monitor and reduce water usage.  Practicing water conservation is the only way to reduce your water bill. The water flat rate cannot be further reduced. Here are resources to help you reduce water usage. Read this water conservation page at the Washington State Department of Ecology. There are also handy water conservation tips in our annual consumer confidence report, which is published every summer. You can read the most recent report here.

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1. What utilities are provided by the City of Fife?
2. What other utility companies provide services within Fife?
3. How do I begin utility service - can I do so online?
4. Where can I pay my utility bill?
5. Do I have to sign up for all City of Fife utilities or can I choose which ones?
6. I am a business with an irrigation account and I have not received a bill. Why?
7. Why do I have a charge for water during the time my house is vacant?
8. What should I do if I believe my meter reading on my bill is wrong?
9. What types of credit cards does the city accept?
10. What does the consumption rate mean in gallons?
11. Why do I pay the same sewer charge as my neighbor when I have a one-bedroom home and they have a five-bedroom home?
12. Why is the sewer rate so high? And so much higher than the other parts of the bill? And so much higher than where I used to live?
13. What time frame does my bill cover?
14. What day is auto-pay pulled from my account? The bill was due today but hasn’t been withdrawn, is all okay?
15. I signed up for auto-pay, however my bill does not reflect that I am on auto-pay. Can you make sure it is set up correctly?
16. I signed up for auto-pay, but funds have never been drawn from my account?
17. The name on my account is spelled incorrectly (i.e., spelled wrong, first and last name flipped, etc.). How do I get this corrected?
18. What day is water shutoff done?
19. What day is a late fee applied? Why is the late fee so much? Is there a late fee grace period?
20. I have never paid my bill late – can I have the fee waived?
21. What’s the least amount I can pay to get my water turned back on?
22. Can you send me a copy of my bill?
23. Can you send me a history of my account?
24. I am a new resident in Fife. What can I expect my bill to be?
25. I accidentally double paid my bill. Can you reverse the transaction?
26. Can I set my bill up so I am charged monthly rather than bi-monthly?
27. Can I get charges removed from my account if I had a water leak?
28. I am experiencing a water leak. Is there someone at the city who I can call?
29. I do not live within the City of Fife, but I am a utility customer. Where can I find information regarding utility rates for those who live outside the city limits?
30. I live in the City of Edgewood and receive sewer services through the City of Fife. Who is my water company?
31. Why is my sewer a flat rate and my water a varying rate?
32. What can I do to reduce my utility bill?
33. Why am I seeing a rate increase?
34. Why are the new utility rates announced so late in the year?
35. Why is a rate increase needed?
36. Why do sanitary sewer rates increase?
37. Why do water rates increase?
38. What is the storm water (drainage) increase?
39. How are rate increases determined and adopted?
40. Will there be utility rate increases in the future and, if so, what will they be?
41. How is my water bill calculated?
42. How is my sewer bill calculated?
43. How is my storm drainage bill calculated?
44. Who can I contact for more information?