What is the cost to obtain records?

Once the scope of a request has been determined, and research completed to identify responsive records, we will notify you of any copying charges, if any. 

The fees for paper or electronic copies are in accordance with the City’s Administrative Fee Schedule [PDF].

The City only has the capability to copy, print, or scan documents up to 11”x17”. Larger documents will need to be sent to an outside vendor and the requestor shall pay the actual cost of reproduction. 

Paper copies$0.15 per page
Scanned copies 
(scanning records from paper to electronic format)
$0.14 per page
Outside vendor copies - any sizeActual cost/vendor invoice
CD/DVD$1.00 per disc
Other digital storage media/devices (ex. USB)Actual cost
Mailing supplies and postageActual cost
Electronic files or attachments provided by electronic delivery$0.05 per each
4 electronic files
Electronic records transmission$0.10 per gigabyte

For large requests, the City may require a 10% deposit prior to the production of records. The City may also provide the records in installments and require advance payment before providing further installments.

Payment can be made:

  • In-person at City Hall with cash, check, credit card*, or money order
  • By phone – call 253-922-2489 with a credit card* (press 1 for Finance/utility billing, and then when prompted, press 2 to reach a staff member)
  • By mail – send a check or money order to:
    Fife City Hall
    Attn: Public Records
    5411 23rd Street E
    Fife, WA  98424

*The City of Fife accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Arrangements can be made to visually inspect records in-person either at City Hall or Fife Police Department at no cost. During your appointment, you can identify records you would like copied (administrative fees will still apply).

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1. What is the cost to obtain records?
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