I didn’t ask for the service, why do I have to pay for it?

The City of Fife has created a storm drainage utility because Federal law requires cities establish programs and funding capabilities to address cleaning and controlling storm water. The City Council set rates that it believed fair and appropriate in order to fund programs that are necessary to meet local needs and comply with federal regulations. The programs will improve the environment and reduce flooding; the specific balance of work, funding, and rates involved compromise, and no compromise can leave every party fully satisfied.

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1. Why do I receive a bill if I don’t have a storm drain on or adjacent to my property?
2. I didn’t ask for the service, why do I have to pay for it?
3. Part of my storm drainage bill shows a charge for “impervious area.” What does that mean?
4. I already pay for the drainage district and for Pierce County Surface Water Management on my property tax bill. Why is the City of Fife charging me another fee for the same service?
5. Will this storm drainage billing be indefinite, or is it for a set period of time?
6. My property still floods in the winter. Now that the City of Fife is charging me for storm drainage, does that mean that the City will fix my drainage problems?
7. I have tenants at my property; can I have them pay?
8. How do I pay my utility bill?