How does this relate to what other cities might be doing?

The four-county (Pierce, King, Kitsap, and Snohomish) Puget Sound Region is guided by a regional planning document called VISION 2040. VISION 2040 sets forth the Puget Sound region’s growth management strategy and calls for an efficient land use pattern based on a hierarchy of centers connected by a network of many kinds of high capacity transit, such as light rail, bus, and commuter rail.

Many cities have either adopted or are now planning for, centers to allow for an efficient and sustainable land use pattern that takes advantage of this regional high capacity transportation network. This land use will lessen the region’s reliance on single occupant vehicle use and reduce the negative effects of those vehicles, on air quality and traffic congestion. These centers feature very similar characteristics

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1. Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?
2. What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?
3. What does a City Center look like?
4. What will be the outcome of the visioning process?
5. What are goals and objectives for a city center visioning process?
6. How does this relate to what other cities might be doing?