What does a City Center look like?

How people use land and how people use transportation are closely linked. Land use patterns in Centers often are based on a concept called Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

TOD establishes a compact mixed-use (residential and commercial) land use pattern which gives people an opportunity to live and work in a well-planned environment that is close (about a 1/4 mile radius) to high capacity transit systems, be they bus, rail or other forms of transit.

TOD works best in geographic areas rather than an entire city. But on a broad level, TOD serves the entire community even if the individual doesn’t live or work in the TOD area. Many of the features that make living and working in a TOD attractive, such as great shopping and popular parks can be used by everyone. A TOD encourages businesses and visitors to come to the city, which also benefits everyone.

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1. Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?
2. What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?
3. What does a City Center look like?
4. What will be the outcome of the visioning process?
5. What are goals and objectives for a city center visioning process?
6. How does this relate to what other cities might be doing?