What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?

In 2006, the City of Fife updated its Comprehensive Land Use Plan to encourage the development of a downtown area as the center of commercial, civic, cultural and recreational activities. This was encouraged by:

  • Creating a compact downtown area that is inviting to work, shop, live and socialize
  • Encouraging a balance of residential, public entertainment and business use
  • Encouraging multi-story development that is walkable and promotes civic gathering places and public amenities such as community centers, libraries, and parks

In 2011, the City of Fife Comprehensive Plan land use map was amended to identify a downtown district center along the Interstate 5 Corridor. This includes both the north and south sides of Interstate 5. Existing zoning is supportive of a downtown district. Certain zoning districts seek to accommodate a range of well-designed retail, service, civic, entertainment, recreation and high-density residential uses to create a new focal point of community activity. Existing zoning also provides opportunities for people to live in close proximity to employment, shopping and recreational activities.

Preliminary analysis shows that future transportation improvements lend themselves to additional refinement of these land use principles to establish a City Center on the north side of Interstate-5, near 54th Avenue, along with more convenient pedestrian access on 54th between the north and the south side of Interstate-5.

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1. Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?
2. What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?
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