Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan FINAL 2024 coverThe City of Fife developed its 2024 Strategic Plan to steer the city toward long-term sustainability. This plan details Fife's goals for the upcoming decade, laying out specific strategic objectives and performance metrics. These elements serve as a roadmap, guiding Fife through its economic, environmental, infrastructure, housing, and social challenges.

This plan reflects the priorities of our community, gleaned through numerous discussions with Fife residents and business owners over the past year. While creating this plan, we listened to the feedback about Fife's challenges and opportunities to understand the fundamental values our community holds dear.

Our future success depends on the shared dedication of engaged residents, community members, city staff, and the city council. Working together, we can build a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable city with a promising future.

You can view our 2024 Strategic plan here.

evaluation plan

Our evaluation plan combines the effectiveness of monthly meetings and quarterly reviews to ensure a streamlined and productive management process. Monthly meetings allow real-time progress updates, issue resolutions, and collaborative brainstorming. Meanwhile, quarterly reviews comprehensively analyze our project milestones, team performance, and alignment with our goals and objectives. These reviews provide valuable insights into our progress and ensure our team remains agile, adaptive, and continuously aligned with our goals and vision.


Contact Assistant City Manager/ Parks, Recreation & Aquatics Director Megan Jendrick at or 253-896-8671. 

You can also view our city staff directory here.