Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program

Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program


In January 2024, the City of Fife is initiating a Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program.  This program creates an opportunity for residents of Fife to make a positive impact in their community.

The Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program has $10,000 available to grant funds to projects/events in amounts of up to $1,000 each. (Grant requests can be for any amount between $1 and $1,000.)  Applications for funding will be available on a rolling basis throughout 2024, with the proposed projects/events being completed by the end of the calendar year.


Any Fife resident in a group of two or more may apply for grant funds and implement a project/event that will benefit their neighborhood.  Your group must either be a non-profit, or affiliated with a non-profit that the city will contract with for this grant. 


All projects must provide an overall neighborhood benefit and may be used for a wide array of activities and projects, as long as they are not used for personal gain or improvements to private property, unless there is a community benefit (such as a mural). Projects/events cannot occur in areas not available to the public, like a gated community. Project coordinators are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, permissions, licenses, etc. as needed for their project.

Projects must fit within the following criteria:

  • Blight removal examples: litter cleanups, mural paintings, graffiti removal.
  • Environmental stewardship examples: tree planting, invasive species removal, community gardens.
  • Community involvement/events (one-time) examples: street fairs, block parties, cultural festivals, disaster preparedness classes.

Grant funds may not be used for:

  • Projects considered to be “public works”, such as street improvements, traffic calming, or any project in the right-of-way that requires installation or ongoing maintenance.
  • Staff or volunteer time to implement the project.
  • Projects that began before funding was awarded.


  • If your project is some form of art (mural, community quilt, sculpture, etc.), you must submit a proposed depiction of the final piece with your application. Your final project must be substantially similar to the proposed depiction. Significant deviation in the final piece is grounds for the city to rescind its grant award.
  • The city will not grant funding to any project that has political endorsement or political campaigning as a component. If the final project includes political endorsement or political campaigning, the city reserves the right to rescind its grant award.
  •  The city will not grant funding to any project promoting discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, military/veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. If the final project includes such promotion of discrimination, the city reserves the right to rescind its grant award.


Applications for funding are available on a rolling basis throughout 2024. Please click here to complete the application for your project. Click here for a printable version of the application form. 

Completed applications and supporting documentation can be sent to the following address:

City of Fife

Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program

5411 23rd Street E.

Fife, WA 98424

ATTN: Jennifer Miller


Contact Jennifer Miller, Project Manager/Executive Assistant, by phone at (253) 896-8602 or by email at for further direction and support.