Comp Plan 101

Wondering why you should care about the city’s 20-year comprehensive plan? Here’s why the plan is important - and how it could affect your future as a Fife resident:

  • The plan provides an opportunity for public dialogue where citizens can discuss the future of the city. The planning process provides citizens an opportunity to brainstorm, debate, and discuss the future of their community.Dialogue
  • The plan provides continuous forward movement over a period of time. The plan provides a structure in which all employees of Fife can work together towards the future vision of Fife.clock_arrow
  • The plan helps balance competing private interests. Planning seeks to strike a balance among the many competing demands on land and help provide the greatest benefit for the community as a whole by creating orderly development patterns.Scale
  • The plan helps the community protect their investments in roads, sidewalks, sewers, storm drains, etc. Planning is the means by which a community can develop a well-planned, orderly and phased development pattern. It is less expensive for a community to provide public services in a well-planned community than low-density, scattered development.cash_in_hand
  • The plan allows communities to protect environmentally sensitive areas. Planning can identify environmental features like streams, wetlands, and critical habitat and suggest ways to preserve them from destruction or degradation by inappropriate development.Leaf
  • The plan provides guidance for creating the look and feel of a community as well as protecting existing communities. A plan can set policies that create a distinctive sense of place by encouraging growth in certain areas while limiting growth in protected areas or pre-existing communities.house_heart
  • The plan promotes economic development through proper zoning. Planning helps drive decisions of future businesses that are seeking to expand or relocate. People_growth
  • The plan provides justification for decisions within the city. Planning provides a factual and objective basis to support or defend decisions if challenged in court.yes_or_noReady to get involved? Find an engagement upcoming engagement event here!