HB1923 Grant - Housing Options

logo with blue yellow and green house graphics and text saying city of fife housing optionsThe 2019 Washington State Legislature passed E2SHB 1923, encouraging all cities planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA) to increase residential building capacity. Five million in grant assistance was provided for local governments to adopt certain actions listed in RCW 36.70A.600 to achieve that goal. 

The City of Fife selected four of the approved actions and was awarded a grant through the Department of Commerce for work related to a proposed series of zoning code changes that are intended to increase housing options and residential building capacity. These proposed amendments are first presented to the Fife Planning Commission for discussion, which will then make a recommendation to the Fife City Council for review before any or all of the amendments are adopted into the Fife Municipal Code

Below are the four housing options code amendments that are being proposed through this grant.

  1. Taylor Jones

    Associate Planner

  2. Chris Larson

    Senior Planner

Proposed Amendments to Fife Municipal Code 

HB 1923 Department of Commerce Grant Requirements

(Full grant requirements available on the Washington State Department of Commerce's site.)

You may view drafts of the proposed code amendments through the links below. The City of Fife Planning Commission received presentations and discussed the below proposed amendments at meetings held between March 2020 and January 2021. A Public Hearing took place at the Commission's January 11, 2021 meeting where they recommended adoption of the proposed amendments to Council. Fife City Council received an introductory presentation on the proposed amendments at their January 19, 2021 meeting and will hold a Public Hearing at their January 26, 2021 meeting. To access the Public Hearing and future Council meetings, please visit the Fife City Council's page.


Summary of proposed amendments (Attachments available below)

Accessory Dwelling Units

Authorize accessory dwelling units on all lots located in zoning districts that permit single-family residences, subjects to certain restrictions. 

Short Plat

Allow for the division or redivision of land into the maximum number of lots through the short subdivision process.

Single-family Residential Corner Lot Duplex

Authorize a duplex on each corner lot within all zoning districts that permit single-family residences.

Low Intensity Multi-Family

Authorize at least one duplex, triplex, or courtyard apartment on each parcel in one or more zoning districts that permit single-family residences.

To watch recordings of the Planning Commission discussions that have been held, please visit the Planning Commission's page.Code Amendment Timeline Jan-Mar 2021 City Council Discussion, Public Hearing, and SEPA Determination