Dacca Park Sports Complex

The Dacca Park Sports Complex is perfect for sporting events, tournaments, festivals and more.

Sitting in the shadow of Mount Rainier, this well-groomed, scenic sports complex is ideal for softball, baseball and soccer, and hosts a few dozen major tournaments each year. Sports clubs and groups often call Dacca Barn tournament headquarters, a charming, fully restored venue located on site.


To rent the Dacca Park Sports Complex email Marta Gailushas.

All participants utilizing the Dacca Sports Complex for practices and/or games must complete and submit the waiver form below.

The sports fields are available on a first come – first served basis for general use. However, if you want to guarantee use of the fields on a particular date for your practice or tournament, you will need to complete the FIELD RENTAL PACKET. Completion of the packet and payment of the rental fee assures that the fields will be reserved for your sporting event.

For more information about reserving the Sports Fields, please email Marta Gailushas.


  • This park is open year-round from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Fields are available to rent year-round (weather dependent).
  • Location: 2820 54th Ave. East