Brookville Park

Brookville Gardens Community Park, a former farm with a natural creek, was designed to honor the history of Fife and restore natural areas as well as create a place where families can enjoy time together in a friendly and welcoming environment. The park itself is designed to take advantage of the vistas of Mt. Rainier and takes cues from the history of the land for its buildings and landscape architecture.


The picnic shelters are available on a first come – first served basis for general use. However, if you want to guarantee use of the shelter on a particular date for your party or event, you will need to complete the Picnic Shelter Rental Packet. Completion of the permit and payment of the rental fee assures that the picnic shelter will be reserved for your group.

For more information about reserving the Picnic Shelter, please call (253) 922-0900


  • This park is open year-round from 30 minutes before dawn until 30 minutes after dusk.
  • Trails are open all day for people actively moving.
  • October - February restrooms close at 5pm.
  • Shelters are available to rent from March-October. 
  • Location: 6518 Valley Ave. East
  • Rental Cost
    • $65+ daily