2020 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The City of Fife amends it’s Comprehensive Plan only once per year, as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMC). 

Applications are due by January 31st, each year.  All applications are then compiled into the "Docket".  Once the Docket is approved by the City Council, consistent with Fife Municipal Code (FMC) section 19.90, review and analysis of those items on the docket begins. 

The 2020 Docket includes the following items.

CPA20-0001 - Choi CPA/Rezone

CPA20-0002 - Fife School District CFP

CPA20-0003 - Puyallup School District CFP

CPA20-0004 - 6-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

CPA20-0005 - City of Fife Capital Improvement Plan

CPA20-0006 - City Center Policy Language

CPA20-0007 - Parks Planning

CPA20-0008 - Residential Density Capacity

CPA20-0009 - Boitano CPA/Rezone