Legal Department

The City Attorney’s office is responsible for providing legal advice to the City Council, City Manager, and City Departments.  The City Attorney’s office assists with preparation and review of resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and other documents.  This Department strives to ensure that the actions by the City of Fife are legally defensible and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as city code and polices.  When necessary, and upon approval of Council, the City Attorney’s office will initiate and defend lawsuits.

Additionally, this Department prosecutes all violations of the city criminal and traffic ordinances, and building and zoning code violations. Discovery requests can be made by contacting staff at 253-896-8696.

Greg Amann                     City Attorney                                        

Jennifer Combs                 Assistant City Attorney                         

Ross Brittain                     Assistant City Attorney – Prosecutor      

Alison Rigby                      Paralegal                                             

The Legal Department is prohibited from providing legal advice to citizens.  Individuals needing legal assistance must retain private counsel.  The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Referral Service can be reached at 253-383-3432 or visit their webpage:

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  1. Legal Department

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