Walking Trails

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The health benefits of regular physical activity are far-reaching: reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic diseases; lower health care costs; and improved quality of life for people of all ages. Regular exercise provides the opportunity for health benefits for older adults such as a stronger heart, a more positive mental outlook and an increased chance of remaining indefinitely independent-a benefit that will become increasingly important as our population ages in the coming years. We want you to easily find Fife’s trails, so here’s a PDF with the location of every trail in Fife. 

Easy WalkS

Dacca Community Park has a wonderful walking path throughout the park. Dacca also has a great track to walk.

Physical activity need not be very strenuous for an individual to reap significant health benefits. Even small increases in light to moderate activity, equivalent to walking for about 30 minutes a day, will produce measurable benefits among those who are least active.

FIVE Acre Park Trail

5 Acre

LOCATION: 6335 Radiance Blvd E., Fife 

TRAIL LENGTH: About .44 miles of fully-paved trail. 

AMENITIES: Bathrooms, a skate park, basketball court, playground, picnic shelters available for rent and plenty of space to roam. An ideal destination for strollers and dog walking. Be sure to check out the exercise stations along the trail.

Fed Ex Trail

Fed Ex

LOCATION: Accessible from Brookville Gardens Community Park. North of Wapato Creek. FedEx trail connects Brookville Gardens Community Park to 70th Avenue East. 

TRAIL LENGTH: This paved trail is .27 mile. 

AMENITIES: At nearby Brookville Gardens Community Park.

Brookville Gardens Park Trail


LOCATION: 6512 Valley Ave. E., Fife 

TRAIL LENGTH: The .25 mile fully-paved trail is one feature of the 15-acre park that was a former farm with a natural creek. 

AMENITIES: Bathrooms, grassy areas for picnics, several picnic shelters available for rent, barbecue grills, a playground, plenty of benches for walkers needing a break.

Sheffield Trail


LOCATION: Runs north to south between Valley Avenue East and 20th Street East, located between Sheffield Place neighborhood and Regal Logistics. 

TRAIL LENGTH: This paved trail is .68 miles. The trail connects Brookville Park to the library.  

AMENITIES: No bathrooms. Lots of room for dog walking. Views of wetlands and wildlife.

Dacca Park Trail


LOCATION: 2820 54th Ave. E., Fife 

TRAIL: A fully-paved, sizable trail is located at the sports complex and park, which is about 31 acres of total space. 

AMENITIES: Bathrooms, plenty of space to run, walk and jog, plus a playground. In the evenings, visitors likely will see a baseball game. An off-leash dog park makes Dacca one of the city’s best destinations for families with dogs.

Levee Pond Trail


LOCATION: 7400 48th St. E., Fife 

TRAIL LENGTH: The .44 mile trail is completely paved. Please note that the gravel parking lot might be difficult for strollers, walkers and wheelchairs. 

AMENITIES: No bathrooms. There are plenty of open spaces for picnics and the park is right next to the city’s Community Garden.