Commercial Vehicle Division

Due to staffing constraints, the Commercial Vehicle Division within Fife PD has been temporarily suspended. Should you need additional information regarding compliance with commercial motor vehicle regulations as we continue to work towards reinstating this specialized segment of the Traffic Division, please visit Washington State Patrol.

The Commercial Vehicle Division (CVD) is a specialized segment of the Traffic Division. We, the Commercial Vehicle Division, through education and enforcement, ensure compliance with commercial motor vehicle regulations, laws and ordinances to protect resources, prevent accidents, and save lives. The CVD monitors all truck traffic and ensures compliance with the weight restricted areas of the city. The City of Fife no longer issues its own oversized load permits, the city merely endorses and enforces the provisions of Washington State Permits (WSP).

The CVD works with the WSP and performs roadside CVSA Inspections randomly to ensure regulatory compliance and public safety. The CVD also participates in a countywide enforcement program with our neighboring cities and county agencies.

Attention: Truckers Needing Permits

View the Washington State Commercial Vehicle Guide and go to page 57 for a list of Permit Offices and Permit Agencies.