Detective Division

Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to providing complete and thorough investigations while protecting victims’ rights.


The primary objective of the Detective Division of the Fife Police Department is to reduce the rate of crime by arresting those responsible for committing crimes in our community.

The Detective Division is currently managed by a Sergeant. There are currently three detectives assigned to this Division.


The Detective Division becomes involved in a case in different ways. After a verbal report is made by a citizen to a patrol officer, a report is written. When the Officer has completed the report, it is forwarded onto the Detective Division.

Some of the criteria used to determine which cases merit follow-up investigation includes:

  • Crime patterns
  • Method of operation
  • Physical evidence
  • Suspect information
  • Vehicle information
  • Witness statements

Not all cases are automatically assigned to a Detective to investigate.

Crimes Against Persons

The following is a list of the possible crimes to be investigated and a brief description.

  • Homicide
    • Questionable deaths
    • Manslaughter
    • Murders
  • Robbery: kidnapping with ransom and investigation of elder physical abuse
  • Sex Crimes
    • Child pornography
    • Internet cases of the seduction of children
    • Sexual assault cases against juveniles and adults

Crimes Against Property

  • Auto Theft: crime involving the theft of:
    • Automobiles
    • Boats
    • Motorcycles
    • Trucks
  • Burglary: both commercial and residential burglary crimes as well as general theft and larceny
  • Financial/Computer Crimes: Major white-collar crimes including:
    • Check and credit card offenses
    • Computer crime
    • Elder finance abuse
    • Embezzlement
    • Forgery
    • Fraud
    • Identity theft

Other Crimes

  • Sex Offender Registrations: Implementing the State Law regarding the registration and monitoring of all local sex offenders in the City of Fife.
    • Pierce County Registered Sex Offender Search