Fife Green Factor

In 2009, the City of Fife adopted a new Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance that changes how stormwater infrastructure is designed and managed in Fife. The code, passed unanimously by the City Council, requires LID techniques to be integrated into street, park, stormwater facility and private development projects. It also establishes standard details for LID facilities in the right-of-way, including bioswales, porous pavements and rain gardens. As part of the ordinance, Fife updated the landscaping requirements to dovetail with the City’s goals for increased LID implementation.

Building permit applicants will need to meet a new Fife Green Factor requirement for on-site landscaping. This Green Factor weights various landscape treatments, such as green roofs and porous pavements, based in large part upon their ability to attenuate and treat stormwater. While there is a target that must be reached, Fife wanted to build a code framework to allows designers, builders and businesses to implement LID facilities, while allowing them flexibility to do so within the parameters of specific projects. This innovative program meets these goals.

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