Municipal Court Dates

Court Dates

If you would like to look up your court date online, please visit Washington Courts. Select Fife Municipal Court, enter your name or case number exactly as it appears on your court papers or your name and click the search button. Your next court date will be retrieved from the database.

If you have just bailed from jail, please call the Court immediately to confirm your court time at 253-922-6635.

Showing up for Court is Mandatory

It is mandatory that you appear for all hearings set in your criminal case. If you do not appear at hearings your case will take longer and be more expensive for you to resolve. Should you fail to appear for a scheduled hearing the following things may occur:

  • The Judge may issue a warrant for your arrest.
  • When you are arrested you may be booked into jail.
  • You may be required to post bail and/or appear before a Judge before you are released from jail.
  • The Judge may decide to increase your bail and/or keep you in jail until your case goes to trial or is otherwise resolved.
  • If you post bail and fail to appear at a future hearing, the Judge can order that your bail be kept by the Court and not be returned at the conclusion of your case.

Criminal Warrant Options

Warrant Suspension

Certain warrants are not eligible for all of the following options, so you will need to inquire with the court clerk to determine if your case is eligible by calling 253-922-6635 option 0.

  • Option 1: post a bond or cash bail in the amount of the warrant at the clerk’s window. The warrant will be recalled and you will sign a notice to return to court on a given date.
  • Option 2: Appear any Thursday except the first Thursday of the month to be set for a warrant recall hearing that day at 9:30 a.m. You need to appear before 9:10 a.m. to allow time to prepare your file for court.
  • Option 3: Turn yourself in to the Fife Jail before 4 a.m. and an in-custody hearing will be set on the next available court calendar, normally the next business day.

Traffic Infractions

If you miss a court date for an infraction, an FTA (failure to appear) may be issued against your license. Your license will be suspended within approximately thirty days of the FTA issue date. You need to contact the Court immediately to learn about your options available, 253-922-6635.