Municipal Court Appeals


What types of cases can be appealed?

The final decision of a municipal court judge may be appealed in the following types of cases: civil matters, criminal matters, and contested infraction hearings heard in open court on the record. The law does not provide for the right to appeal after a mitigation hearing on an infraction, nor does the law allow for an appeal after a hearing by mail.

How to Initiate an Appeal

The appeal is initiated by filing a Notice of Appeal (PDF) and Designation of Record form (PDF) with the Fife Municipal Court within 30 days after the decision. A party filing a notice of appeal shall immediately serve a copy of the notice on all other parties.


  • In appeals of criminal cases, no initial filing fee is due; however, fees may be imposed on the defendant if the defendant loses or abandons the appeal.
  • In civil appeals, a $230 filing fee must be paid by money order or cashier’s check made payable to Pierce County Superior Court. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.
  • The Court may set an appeal bond at a reasonable sum, or the Court may determine that enforcement of the sentence should be stayed without cash bail or bond.
  • The record processing fee is $40 per case on appeal. This includes one copy of all recordings of the court proceeding. If you require additional copies of the court proceedings, there is an additional $10 per CD.

Additional Information

From this point on you must proceed according to the Washington Court Rules for Appeal, see Washington Courts. This information is provided as general guidance and should not be construed as legal advice.